Make a Rainy Day Shine with Beautiful Photos. Weddings At TheThe Cliff Restaurant

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I am venturing into the taboo this month- the thing that nobody talks about, but the purpose of this blog is to prepare you for your celebration, no matter the circumstances. I have been a wedding photographer for just about  20 years, and I have never seen a really bad wedding! That is what is so brilliant about what I do! On the other hand, I have seen plenty weddings that have not gone according to their original plan.

Everybody including me wants a perfect day, but a wedding is a reflection of life, and very often as we know, in life you have to make the most of whatever comes your way and the circumstances of the day. So with saying that; some of the best weddings that I have covered were actually ones where everything did not go as planned. The couple had to focus even more on the real reason for the occasion – LOVE, FRIENDSHIP & FAMILY!

Here are a few things you need to consider:

*In the Caribbean in terms of weather you are looking primarily at the impact of rain, and to a lesser extent hazy skies and sometimes depending on the location; windy conditions. You can have rain at anytime in the Caribbean, however, December through May is generally dryer, and you are more likely to have rain systems during the period June to November. Don’t let the statistics overly concern you, as none of us can see into the future, and worrying about things that you cannot control is a recipe for stress.

*Most rain in the tropics is sharp and short, and it  can be overcast and then brilliant sunshine 30 minutes after. Don’t panic if it is raining before the scheduled time for the ceremony. Often that means that it is less likely to rain later, and it may even be an advantage, as it tends to cool everything down.

*Surround yourself with professionals – wedding coordinators/ photographers and other suppliers, who know the local conditions, are experienced, and have the personality, temperament and skill set to deal with the unexpected curve balls. They will have a plan B if necessary, but don’t stress over that plan B, as what you want are people around you who have experience and good judgment, as sometimes you need to combine the best of plans B, C, D & E. My intent is always to maximize whatever the conditions are, and to look for the positives – so that if it is overcast, it may mean that the light may be more flattering and conditions cooler, so I use that to my advantage. What I pride myself in is that whatever the conditions, I will capture the best possible memories. To produce great results no matter what the conditions are!

*Focus on the positives! I naturally see the best in people and situations, so if the sky is 90 % cloudy, my focus normally is on the 10 % that is beautiful, and  that is the story that I tell. Couples are often amazed at what I can do in difficult situations, and it is not magic, but the right focus, good judgment, experience, and the absolute commitment to do the best job possible, that sees me through.

*Most of all you need to have the best attitude, and go with the flow. If you celebrate each other, and your love, that will radiate throughout everything and everyone present, and you will have great photographic memories. A wedding is good at the core, and nothing spoils that. Where there is ying there is yang, so be ready to embrace that wonderful rainbow, or sunset that often follows!

 Unveiling the Beauty of the Unexpected

James & Stacey were married on the West coast of Barbados on a day with intermittent rain and hazy conditions. The day seemed to be getting worse, but as is often the case, a window of opportunity opened for us with a break in the weather, just before the start of the ceremony and we jumped through it!

I arrived to find everyone understandably very anxious about the conditions, but everything cleared beautifully. My experience also told me that the circumstances were perfect for a spectacular sunset, and after waiting for over an hour after the time that I was scheduled to leave, we were all rewarded, with incredible colour and a fitting climax to a beautiful, memory filled celebration.

James and Stacy’s wedding in Barbados

James and Stacy’s wedding in Barbados

James and Stacy’s wedding in Barbados


Jeremy & Anne will have a few stories to tell about their wedding day, but I am sure that they will be interesting and positive stories, as themselves and the support staff handled the situation superbly.

They are just a few days a year that we experience extreme weather in Barbados, but this was one of them! Especially in the South East area of the island where we were scheduled to have the ceremony. By midday it was apparent to me that there was no way that it would be possible to have the ceremony in that location on that day, so we made some quick alterations to shift the celebration to  The Barbados Hilton where the bride was dressing. They were a few more testing moments for sure, but we located the ceremony under an awning area, suitably protected from any weather, but still in full view of the outside, and as usual we told a great story of love, family and togetherness!

Jeremy and Anne’s wedding at The Hilton Barbados

Jeremy and Anne’s wedding at The Hilton Barbados


The Cliff Restaurant is one of the most stunning locations on the West coast of Barbados. It has such a romantic atmosphere and unique look, which works perfectly for your special day. The Cliff Restaurant has been voted 34th best Restaurant in the World by Elite Travel and is internationally acclaimed as one of the finest and most popular restaurants in the Caribbean.

It has been cleverly designed to make the most of its magical setting, ultimately providing each one of your guests with a view of the ocean, meanwhile boasting a dramatic ambiance where imagination and creativity meet culinary perfection. Not only does the restaurant accommodate as a great location and culinary option for a wedding but there is also a small, secluded beach set in front of The Cliff, which can be utilized for photographs. This beach is ideal for sunset photos as it is usually very quiet and provides you with the perfect amount of privacy. Additionally, The Cliff offers multiple ceremonial options in case of unpleasant weather or unexpected tidal swells, making it an optimal location when planning to deal with the unforeseen.

The Cliff Restaurant Barbados

The Cliff Restaurant Barbados