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Family Moments

One of the most brilliant and intrinsically rewarding things about photography is that I get to record the high points of family life. It is a real joy to cover the chronological stages of the family, physician from engagements to weddings, pregnancies, newborns, christenings and family relationships, we do it…. and we love it all!
We cultivate not just business but lifelong relationships and friendships throughout the journey, so I was thrilled to link up recently with a special couple whose weddings I captured, and who were back on the island with their family.

Courtney & Arthur Yarbrough had a beautiful, fun filled and intimate wedding on October 10th 2008, at Foul Bay beach.

…and the fun continued this year on May 3rd, back at the stunning Foul Bay Beach with their two sons! It was great to share time and memories with them again, and be part of this positive & vibrant family

Setting The Scene – Bathsheba

Rugged and breathtakingly beautiful, Bathsheba is one of my favorite places on the island. Located on Barbados’s East coast, Bathsheba is washed by the endless surf of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a world rated surfing location and is un-spoilt in its natural beauty, thus offering several location possibilities for dramatic coverage. It is approximately 40 minutes from the capital Bridgetown, and 30 minutes from the South or West coasts. Like most of the dramatic locations, you are more open to impact by weather conditions, but for over the top beauty, it is a unique and unforgettable place.

Our Swag
Searching for decisive moments!

Photographic storytelling depends on not just recording activity, but capturing decisive moments. My other great passion is music and I find it an interesting parallel. That activity, emotion and interaction have their own rhythm with their own highpoints, and I am always searching to reveal those highpoints – capturing those pictures that DO tell a thousand words! In many instances that moment, that actual point is a microsecond and those are the moments I am in search of.