What is your style of photography?

My style can be best be described as reportage, documentary or photo journalistic. We try to tell real and authentic photographic stories. We always go for a ‘perfect moment’ over a ‘perfect photo’, as natural expressions best tell the story about what you are feeling, and that is what we think you want to remember 10 or 20 years afterwards. The style is fairly candid, dynamic and interactive, but we also record the important documentary opportunities with your family and friends, but in a happy fun way. We don’t just capture people, but try most of all to record personalities and reflect relationships.

What is the best time to get married in the Caribbean?

There is no perfect time or perfect location, a good photographer always should know how to shoot to the strengths of the situation, but most shoots are scheduled during the late afternoon. The light during the last hour before sunset is often softer and therefore of a better quality, and often, you can have the bonus of a sunset. Most of all, that time of the day in the tropics can be a lot cooler. You can allot ½ hr for the ceremony, so you should plan the ceremony to begin at least an 1  1/2 hrs before the planned sunset for that day. Remember that in the tropics, it goes from dusk to darkness very quickly, and you don’t want to leave yourself with too little time before the sun sets.

Many shoots are also scheduled in the morning, where the blues in the sea and sky can be at their most vibrant, but try to avoid whenever possible, the middle of the day, when the light is harshest and the temperature the warmest.

What are some of the best locations for weddings in Barbados?

Barbados is blessed with endless stretches of wonderful beach, lovely plantation houses, and dramatic cliff top locations, along with hotels that meet every budget. Your wedding coordinator can advise you of the options in detail. Many of these locations are featured on our blog. You may want to try to keep the logistics simple and keep the location of the ceremony close to where you are staying, as  you may not want to spend too much time getting to the location.

How long before I see my images?

Your images will be living memories that will be with you for a long time, so as mentioned we retouch and apply creative effects as necessary to the images. The retouching of the images can take us anywhere between 2 days and 4 weeks depending on the size of the package. This information is available to you by email, depending on the chosen package.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Once booked, I will be your photographer. So as soon as you have reached a decision it is advisable that you confirm your intended booking with a 25 % deposit to reconfirm the date. You can always adjust the size of the package at a later date. As soon as I receive your inquiry and the date is available, you will get a preliminary reservation for the date, the booking is however not confirmed without the deposit. So if you are interested – book and confirm as early as you can.

How do you choose your images?

As we are trying to reflect the story of the celebration fairly candidly, we shoot on average 2 – 5 times the number of images that are required for your package. Images are then edited and retouched, and we will omit all of the ones that are uncomplimentary in terms of expression, and any clear duplicates, but all of the others are uploaded to a password protected website for your viewing and selection. The time required for the retouching varies depending on the size of the package. The website is included for all packages as a complimentary service, and the images remain on line for 3 months. The website is password protected, but you can share the login and password with friends for their viewing and enjoyment, and they can order prints or files themselves directly from the site as well. You can quite easily place your selection in a folder on the site which you can then direct to me via email through the same site.

Do you work with all other vendors?

We are there for one purpose, to support you, and I work with your entire support team to ensure that happens. Having been in the business for over 20 years, I am familiar with, and work with all of the major providers. Some hotels may have prescribed vendors that they have contracted, but you always have the choice to select the individual vendors that are your preference. I am available for direct bookings, and I am also happy for you to make arrangements through your hotel or wedding planner.

Are packages available on the website?

We have several flexible packages, and we are constantly looking at ways to offer more and better products, so it is a very dynamic process, so please email us and we would be happy to send you the complete list of possibilities at that time. when you email us, please also note the intended date of the wedding, as we normally do not discuss package options, unless we can confirm our availability. Many of these package include just the files only.

Are files included as part of packages?

All packages include a set number of full quality image jpeg files. A file is the source for reproducing an image, so it is the most important asset a customer can own. The packages are available with either files only; or 5×7 photos and a standard album with the associated files; or various Coffee Books, with the associated files for the images in the Book.

The files are retouched by a full time member of staff, and reviewed and corrected by Steve as well. To attain maximum quality, images are shot and edited in raw, which is the industry best practice. Each package has a set number of images, and additional images can be purchased for a nominal fee, as prints and files or just files. We invest a lot of time and value into each image, and that cost has to be reflected with a charge for additional files.