East Coast Magic in Barbados

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Yes, it was a wonderful day when Brendan & Linda celebrated their wedding vows at the gorgeous Foul Bay Beach and then onto the West coast of the island to enjoy the breathtaking sunset. This day was a very popular one and we had several requests, but Brendan & Linda’s wedding co-ordinators were the first to book and confirm, and I was so happy to be with them.

What did Linda and Brendan say?

“ I just wanted to thank you again for being our photographer. I find myself scrolling through the pictures almost every day. They are stunning. You had a magical way of capturing the spontaneity, love and goofy playful nature of Brendan and I. Every single person I share these pictures with says the same exact thing “It looks like a postcard” “It looks too beautiful to be real”. I waited for the perfect time and place to marry my soul mate and because of you those memories will live forever. You are truly a gifted and talented photographer. Thank you. If we’re ever lucky enough to renew our vows at Foul Bay Beach you’re the only photographer for the job! A million thanks……..”

Linda and Brendan Galdieri

Foul Bay Beach, Barbados



Setting the Scene – Foul Bay Beach, Barbados

This beach is located on the South East coast of the island and is a beautiful stretch of approximately 200 meters of virgin white sand.  On either side of this magnificent  beach are rugged cliff faces, with the occasional  boats bobbing off shore creating additional interesting features along the seascape. Amidst the panorama, there is vegetation and trees on the landside that provide additional photographic options and shade as may be necessary. Currently there is little tourism development close by, so it is normally fairly quiet and traffic free, which makes this an ideal location. Even if there are other people on the beach, the stretch is wide and long enough to find a private area. Foul Bay is easily accessible by car, but is a bit of a drive. It is approximately 45 minutes from the capital Bridgetown, about 50 minutes from the West Coast, and approximately 30 minutes from a majority of South coast locations. Like many of the more dramatic locations, it is fairly exposed with limited facilities in  case of any inclement weather; nonetheless, it is a very popular and picturesque  location.

Foul Bay Beach, Barbados.

Foul Bay Beach, Barbados.


Foul Bay Beach, Barbados.

Foul Bay Beach, Barbados.


Our Swagger and Our Style

There are so many important elements that help to define what type of company we are – not just what we do, but HOW we do it. One of our biggest goals is to faithfully tell family stories. In life’s journey, it seldom gets better than the celebration of a wedding or a birth, and we treat it as an honour to be able to record these occasions. Like any good story, we try to record the characters, their relationships, and emotions. Not just what occurs, but to get a sense of how people feel. The coverage includes the anticipation that is felt before, the ceremony and the celebration, which all present  a unique opportunity for bonding with friends and family. Each photo becomes for us a slice, or a page, in a connected storyline. An important part of that story is documenting family and friends with you, but we try to keep the atmosphere light, happy and consistent with the occasion so that we are recording who you are, and what you are experiencing on the day.

With Brendan and Linda we wanted to capture the true feelings between them and record their wedding celebration in a way that reflected  their personalities. Foul Bay worked perfectly for them, bringing their whole storyline together.


I find inspiration everyday in different aspects of life. Some of these opportunities are extra special like when I joined some of the world’s most recognized wedding photographers this January in the wonderful city of New Orleans, at the annual convention of the Digital Wedding Forum. I was exposed to an amazing week of collaboration, and training on the latest approaches and techniques in the world of wedding photography. The convention was a great opportunity, and New Orleans is a unique and incredible place. What was really great though, was that as a community of wedding photographers we were able to spend a week not only committed to our professional development, but also to giving back. The photographers were given the opportunity to reshoot the images for three couples whose wedding albums were destroyed during hurricane Katrina! This was so consistent with the focus of our business –  as we are always aiming to continuously improve professionally, make our clients super happy, and find ways to constantly give back as well. Take a look at some of the coverage from New Orleans.






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