What is the best time to get married in the Caribbean?

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There is no perfect time or perfect location, a good photographer always should know how to shoot to the strengths of the situation, but most shoots are scheduled during the late afternoon. The light during the last hour before sunset is often softer and therefore of a better quality, and often, you can have the bonus of a sunset. Most of all, that time of the day in the tropics can be a lot cooler. You can allot ½ hr for the ceremony, so you should plan the ceremony to begin at least an 1  1/2 hrs before the planned sunset for that day. Remember that in the tropics, it goes from dusk to darkness very quickly, and you don’t want to leave yourself with too little time before the sun sets.

Many shoots are also scheduled in the morning, where the blues in the sea and sky can be at their most vibrant, but try to avoid whenever possible, the middle of the day, when the light is harshest and the temperature the warmest.