Villa Weddings In Barbados

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One of the greatest strengths of Barbados as a wedding destination, is the great number and variety of villas that are available. These villas offer an excellent option for you for accommodation and for hosting your celebration. Located mainly on the Western and South Eastern coast, these villas are great for accommodating small groups and  families in a more private and intimate setting. They offer luxury in a homely atmosphere, and are generally staffed with personnel that provide the best of Barbadian tradition, along with friendly & personalized service. They provide a wonderful cocoon that enhances any special event!

Aliseo Villa Sandy Lane Barbados - Villa Weddings

Aliseo Villa Sandy Lane Barbados

Aliseo Villa Sandy Lane Barbados - Villa Weddings

Aliseo Villa Sandy Lane Barbados

Beachgate Villa Barbados- Villa Weddings

Beachgate Villa Barbados

Bohemia Villa Sandy Lane Barbados- Villa Weddings

Bohemia Villa Sandy Lane Barbados

Bruadair Villa Barbados- Villa Weddings

Bruadair Villa Barbados

Cragmere Villa Barbados- Villa Weddings

Cragmere Villa Barbados

Ebb Tide Villa Barbados- Villa Weddings

Ebb Tide Villa Barbados

La Paloma Villa Barbados - Villa Weddings

La Paloma Villa Barbados

Landfill Villa Barbados- Villa Weddings

Landfill Villa Barbados

Mullins Mill Villa Barbados- Villa Weddings

Mullins Mill Villa Barbados

Nelson Gay Villa Barbados- Villa Weddings

Nelson Gay Villa Barbados

Senderla Villa Barbados - Villa Weddings

Senderla Villa Barbados

Stanford House Villa Barbados-Villa Weddings

Stanford House Villa Barbados

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